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How much Sun do I need to cook?

How fast is the GoSun Cooking Technology?

Which GoSun is right for me?

How do I know when my food is done?

How long will my GoSun keep food hot and juicy?

How does food from a GoSun taste?

How easy is the GoSun Technology to use?

I don't really go camping, can GoSun work for me?

What is the largest GoSun Stove available?

What is the difference between the GoSun Sport and the GoSun Grill?

My GoSun GoSun Sport heated up under clouds- what happened?

Can I cook during the Winter?

Solar Ovens

GoSun Sport

How can I boil water with my GoSun Sport?

How do I hide my tray handle?

Can kids use the GoSun Sport?

How easy is the Sport to travel with?

What can my GoSun Sport Cook?

How long does the GoSun Sport take to set up?

GoSun Grill

Can I leave the GoSun Grill unattended?

Does the GoSun Grill cook like... a Grill?

How can I cook at night?

Is the GoSun Grill safe around children?

What can my GoSun Grill Cook?

What accessories come with the GoSun Grill?

Are there any aftermarket accessories for the GoSun Grill?

How long does the GoSun Grill take to set up?

How do I clean my GoSun Grill?

What happened to the stand for the GoSun Grill?

What happened to the thermal battery?


Vacuum Tubes

How does the GoSun remain remain cool to touch while cooking?

How fragile is the solar vacuum tube?

Why is the tube colored blue?

Compound Parabolic Reflectors

What make's the GoSun's reflectors unique?

Heat Bank Technology™

What are the benefits of Heat Bank Technology™?

How does Heat Bank Technology™ work?

Warranty and Guarantee

Two Year No-Questions-Asked Warranty

What type of warranty comes with my GoSun Stove?

How do I file a Warranty Claim?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Really? Tell me more.

Orders and Shipping

Placing An Order

Can I order by phone?

How do I place an order on GoSunStove.com?

What payment methods are available?


How much does shipping cost?

Why are international shipping costs so high?

Weights and Dimensions

Maintenance and Repair

GoSun Sport

My Stove was delivered broken. What should I do?

How do I to install a replacement tube?

How can I tighten loose legs on my GoSun Sport? (2015+ models)

How can I tighten loose legs on my GoSun Sport? (2013-2014 Models)

How to assemble the Cooking Tray

My tray is too wide & cannot fit into tube?

How do I use the cleaning scrubby?

GoSun Grill

My tray is not fitting into the Grill. What's going on?

My tray is sticking when pulled or pushed?

Other Inquiries


Want to become a distribution partner?

What types of distribution / affiliate partnerships are available?

Emerging Markets and Non-Profits

I want to help bring GoSun to Emerging Markets. Where do I start?

Do you offer discounts for Non-Profits?


View the GoSun Return and Refund Policy

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