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    GoSun Featured On The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation

    February 21, 2018 1 min read 2 Comments

    Want to see some solar cooking in action? Ever wanted to learn more about what went in to the building of the GoSun Grill? We have been featured on CBS The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation. If you missed it you can watch it right here. 

    Teaser for the episode: 

    Full episode: 




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    2 Responses

    Phillip Ward
    Phillip Ward

    May 18, 2018

    I love chicken gizzard but I have lost almost 90 lbs & do not eat fried food anymore. I got the pro pack at the show here in Quartzsite in Jan. I got gizzards washed them put Tony Chachere’s on them & put them in, I most likely over cook them but I cook the fat off them yes they are setting in grease & liquid sounds bad but it is the water & grease that are cooked out, same with chicken legs just put them on a paper towel. We used to get rotisserie chicken but it is so grease not on outside but the chicken it’s self. I got legs for $.49 a lbs on sale {you can get 4 in tray} are real good a 100 times better than rotisserie or fried chicken & my stomach is so much happier with out the grease. I like roasted anaheim or hatch {3 at a time} & jalapeno peppers. Eggs I can get 9 eggs in the tray but you may only want to put 7 as my egg yolk was solid but the white was a little soft, on the two by the handle. Do not understand how the white was not solid it was not runny but on the end it was so soft it would move while the yolk was solid. Strange but easy fix only put 7 eggs in & slide them all down to the far end or cook them longer. For sauteed onions mushrooms & steak start onions & mushrooms first when about done add strips of steak. Can you tell I am having fun with my pro pack. Just wish 2 mo. ago they would have had the water boiler with the pro pack.

    Sundar Kaniyanoor
    Sundar Kaniyanoor

    August 14, 2019

    I want to make charcoal from wood sticks and dry leaves. Which model of Go Sun would be the best suitable one?

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