by Collin Guernsey July 25, 2018

So you've asked... What is the real difference between the GoSun Grill and the new GoSun Fusion? We are here to answer your questions as simply as possible.

We have multiple models, and we most often refer to them as different types and styles of cars to help explain the subtle differences between them in a natural way!

Here are the model to vehicle comparisons:

GoSun Go = The Sports Car

GoSun Sport = The Sedan

GoSun Fusion = The Hybrid CRV

GoSun Grill = The Large, 8-Passenger SUV

Our aim with the vehicle analogy is to help with basic difference points and a sky-high overview. But we understand that it helps to zoom in to the nitty-gritty of the differences between models. So here we go, a quick look at the keynote differences between the GoSun Grill and the GoSun Fusion.

The GoSun Grill:

- Larger capacity

- Heavier Product

- Stainless Steel Body - (all weather, leave outside)

- Temperature Gauge

- Separate easily washable Cooking Pans for Curry, Soups, Liquids

- Steam and Drip tray - Render fats, steam veggies

- Primarily daytime use


The GoSun Fusion:

- Less Capacity (5 vs. 6-8)

- Lighter portable model

- Electric backup

- Use day + night

- Available in 2019

So in short, the GoSun Grill is your backyard sunshine using solar cooking go-to. It comes complete with cooking pans to separate your dish prep and all you to steam and cook very in a very flexible way. This is the choice for the solar chef at heart.

The GoSun Fusion is your all-around, off-grid cooking solution. With the electric backup feature of the Fusion, you can cook anywhere, any time--- and yes even at NIGHT!  It's incredibly efficient, and we know you'll love cooking in it. Can you tell we are a little excited to welcome the Fusion to our family?

Collin Guernsey
Collin Guernsey

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