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In the mission of bringing our breakthrough solar cooking technology to those who need it most, Peru has become a key potential market. With he support of one of Peru’s ministries, we are undertaking a multiphase pilot to explore the potential of our technology to change lives, written about in this blogpost.  
As the testing continues, expanding in its demographic, scale and design, we are also making significant traction in Peru’s private market. Signing our first national distributor, HC Solar S.R.L, we turned heads at last week’s "Feria de Tecnologías Eficientes", Peru’s largest and most prestigious energy efficiency fair, hosted by MINEM. The show was a resounding success, exposing our technology to many leaders within the government and the country’s leading NGOs.
GoSun Peru With Javier Campos, Director of the General Direction of Energy Efficiency
(GoSun Peru making an impression)
As we catalyze a new market in South America, Peru may be the first true test of our dual business model, bridging the gap between for profit enterprise and social enterprise. With more awareness and governmental collaboration, we are on track to launch an expanded pilot using our latest prototypes, designed for a radically lower price point at a larger scale.
Given the intellectual property at stake, we can not share as much as we would like at this point, but rest assured, our design team is hard at work making something may be our greatest work yet. To keep posted on our progress in 2018, join our email list or follow us on Facebook.
Matt Gillespie
Matt Gillespie

Matt Gillespie is an industrial designer, permaculture educator, and co-founder of GoSun. He has lectured periodically on permaculture, crowdfunding, and renewable energy technology at the University of Cincinnati's DAAP and Mother Earth News Fairs across the country. An avid gardener, cyclist and outdoor explorer, Matt brings his passion for connecting and serving others to the GoSun Team.

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William Craig
William Craig

May 18, 2018

As an investor in gosuns crowdfunding campaign and someone who is very falmiliar with Peru; I am glad to hear that gosun is making inroads in Latin America. I’m certain Peru will just be a stepping stone to other South and Central American countries. Do you have any similar plans for Africa and Asia?

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