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    Off-Grid Cooler: Keep Food Cool Literally Anywhere

    June 27, 2019 1 min read

    An off-grid cooler has functionality requirements that can't be met by most retail coolers. That's because they require ice, and unless you cut giant blocks of ice from a nearby lake, drag them to your ice house (you have an ice house, right?), and pack sawdust around them to keep the ice frozen for months, then a cooler is incompatible with an off-grid life.

    That's where an electric cooler comes in. New models of lithium-ion coolers use electricity to stay cool. Problem solved for our off-grid cooler, right?

    Not quite. If you are off grid then you may not have easy access to electricity. Where does the electricity come from?

    That's why the best off-grid cooler is a solar powered cooler. We think the GoSun Chill is the best on the market.

    The Chill is more than a cooler, it's an off-grid refrigerator without the noisy generator. GoSun joins the latest high-efficiency compressor technology with a solar-powered eco-system to keep you fueled and cooled no matter what. Say goodbye to fishing for soggy sandwiches in a pool of hotdog juice- the solar alternative has arrived. 

    The GoSun Chill is portable, efficient, and ice-free. Use the sun to keep your food cold or frozen.

    • Temperature control:  Dial in the perfect temperature from -4°F to 68°F with a back-lit LCD display.
    • Charge devices:  Included 144WH PowerBank to charge phones, laptops, and more.
    • More space:  40 liters of ice-free capacity. Fits 55 cans (12oz).
    • Feature packed:  All-terrain wheels, bottle opener, storage pouches, and more.
    • In the box: Portable Fridge, 144Wh PowerBank, AC Adapter, 12V Power Cord, User Manual

    Click here to check it out.

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