by Scott Rank October 19, 2018

A solar flashlight should be a part of any emergency preparedness kit. It operates when the grid is down and doesn't depend on energy-sucking batteries, which are worth their weight in gold in the face of a natural disaster.

Solar powered lights do not need to be manually recharged as in the case of conventional battery operated flashlights. Also, from an environmental standpoint they are completely carbon neutral. They can be used in remote conditions where it is impossible to find any source of power.

Our Solar Flashlight is the perfect addition to your kit. It has multiple modes, including a lantern mode. It has a built-in rechargeable battery so that you can recharge with either your GoSun charger or trickle charge with the sun. Plus the USB adapter on the flashlight means that it too can be an alternate charging source for your portable goods.

This rechargeable flashlight packs 280 lumens of on-demand light. With an integrated solar cell is has the ability to recharge. It has a lantern mode to make it a small solar lantern, It also has spotlight ability and you can engage emergency mode.

The solar panel is designed to extend the battery life. To fully recharge the battery quickly, use the USB charge port, or connect to a larger solar panel.



Scott Rank
Scott Rank

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