by Collin Guernsey November 30, 2018

You guys posted some epic solar oven photos and videos this week! We love seeing how you use your solar ovens. Keep up the fun posting and show us your stuff! 

From Emily Hersh - How cool is this setting! 

Via Hope Kennedy - We love it when people use the stoves to learn! 

Via Terry Urbine - Now those pigs a in a blanket are drool worthy!

Via Terry Urbine - Puff pastry and blueberries makes for a delicious treat!

Via Tacoma Lonely on Instagram - Turkey!

Via - Camperchile on Instagram - Love this! 

Via carolvanstralen

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GoSun Grill VS GoSun Grill Turbo
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by Patrick Sherwin November 27, 2018

GoSun was started to bring impressive solar technology to the world, to as many people as possible.  

With your help and with the contribution of amazing partners, we're creating the Fuel-Free Frontier, making meals for thousands of people every day, without burning. The business side of this is pretty tough, and the team at GoSun would not be working as hard as we do if we were just making junk to sell.  

The Weekly GoSun Solar Oven Round-Up (11.16.2018)
The Weekly GoSun Solar Oven Round-Up (11.16.2018)

by Collin Guernsey November 16, 2018

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