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Hurricane Florence Update American Red Cross

Hurricane Florence Update | Via The American Red Cross

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Recovering From Florence: 5 Things You Can Do to Help

The East Coast is still reeling in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. 523,000 homes are without power, and over 19,000 people are displaced and living in shelters. CBS reports a most recent death toll of 42, and ongoing effects of the storm make damage totals incalculable. Here at GoSun, we strive for preparedness, but also know that even with preparation, disasters still take their toll, and people still need help. Here are five ways you, too, can get involved with the recovery effort!
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Hurricane Florence Preparedness Kit

Why Is National Preparedness Month So Important?

“Be prepared.” It’s the Boy Scout motto, but it’s also good advice for the rest of us. After all, accidents happen, and they’re called accidents for a reason, right?  In reality, though, Boy Scout or not, many of us aren’t prepared. 
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Emergency Preparedness Kit

13 Things You Need In an Emergency Preparedness Kit

This blog post describes esential elements that should be part of any emergency preparedness kit
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solar stove

How a Solar Stove Compares to Traditional Stoves

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solar oven

The Quick Start Guide to a Solar Oven

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sun oven

How to Get Started With a Sun Oven

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solar cooker

The Ultimate Solar Cooker Guide: How to Prepare Food With the Sun

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best solar oven

The Best Solar Oven is a Simple Solar Oven

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sun cooker

The Sun Cooker and the Fuel-Free Frontier

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facts about the sun

Facts About the Sun

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easy solar cooker

Finding an Easy Solar Cooker: The Convenience of GoSun

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