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    GoSun Dealer Partner Program

    Do you operate a small to medium size business and are interested in carrying the line of GoSun Stoves? We have built the perfect Dealer Partner Program just for you. Become a GoSun expert, carry our line of solar cookers, teach your clients how to cook meals with the sun, enjoy zero dropship fees and receive wholesale pricing to help build your business with GoSun Technology.

    Reselling Prohibition:

    No authorization is granted for resellingGoSun products oneBay or Amazon, or for resale to any third party entity listing on eCommerce websites including but not limited to sites such as,, etc., or for use of the name GoSun in any primary domain name.  Violation of listing the GoSun product on any of these e-commerce sites, will result in the TERMINATION of the relationship between the Dealer/Distributor and GoSun.

    ** Please note, we require the purchase of at least four stoves in order to join our program as a new dealer.



    Dealer/Distributor is expected to maintain a minimum number of GoSun stoves in stock. No authorization is granted for reselling GoSun products on ebay or Amazon, or for use of the name GoSun in any primary domain name. 


    From time to time, GoSun may choose to issue increases of its MAP Policy and/or offer special promotions on certain products. In such an event, we reserve the right to modify or suspend this MAP Policy in whole or in part, by notifying all Resellers of the duration and nature of the change. GoSun further reserves the right to adjust the MSRP, with respect to all or certain products, at its sole discretion. Intentional and/or repeated failure to abide by this MAP Policy will result in sanctions unilaterally imposed by GoSun. GoSun does not intend to do business with Resellers who degrade the image of GoSun and its products. GoSun need not provide prior notice or issue warnings before taking any action under this MAP Policy.

    Download GoSun Dealer Partner Terms Sun Oven

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