Solar Phone Charger

Charge USB devices with a Folding Solar Panel

GoSun's 10 Watt Solar Phone Charger is a long lasting powerhouse for charging your devices using nothing but sunshine. Just connect to phone and place in the Sun.  Under full sun, this will charge about at fast as a typical wall outlet charger. 


  • Folds in half for maximum portability
  • Fits devices and digital products that have a standard USB connector
  • Plastic laminated fabric for maximum durability and water resistance 
  • Charges steadily through USB outlet at up to 2 Amps to trickle charge directly via available solar power


  • Unfolded Size: 10.5 in x 13.7 in x .01 in
  • Folded Size: 10.5 in x 7 in x .02 in
  • LightWeight: 0.65 lb (0.29kg)
  • Maximum Power: 10 Watts
  • 5V 2A USB Charging Port

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